Verizon and Google: Bed Mates


Earlier today Google and Verizon issued a joint policy statement surrounding net neutrality or what they refer to as a “Policy Proposal for an Open Internet”. I can’t even begin to lay out how wrong this is.

<rant on>

First, what the hell Google? Were you not one of the champions of an open a free internet? Did you not side with the masses in fighting for an internet that remained free from multiple tiers? What happened? Sleeping with Verizon will only lead to morning after regret.

Sure, you both state that this keeps the wired world free from your tyranny and it will only effect wireless networks. That’s like opposing fascism then coming around and saying it’s okay to be fascist in rural areas but not urban ones.

This does nothing more than open Pandora’s box, today wireless, tomorrow we will only get Google content on Verizon and Yahoo content on AT&T. WTF? Can you say AOL all over again.

I’m not sure how much money was exchanged or what drugs were smoked when you two got together but I sure do hope that the FCC and policy makers realize how detrimental this can be to the free and open internet we all enjoy.

</rant off>

tech.nocr.atVerizon and Google: Bed Mates originally appeared on on 2010/08/11.

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