Google Maps Trail Plotter

I run a website for tourist attractions. I Plan to add a new feature where people can submit walking routes.

I need you to create a google maps page where you can click and place pointers to draw out the walking route. Polylines will connect the pointers as they are placed. It should be designed so clicking the first pointer will close off the route, or the route can be left open (non circular walking route)

Next, I need it to work a little like a pedometer, the whole route should be measured and should display the distance in KM.

Finally, this walk will be later saved to the database, so the following items need to be populated into a form so it can be saved to a database :
1) The pointer data, so the route can later be displayed onto a map when people view the walk. (needs to be saved into one field ont he database)
2) Walk distance.
3) Estimated walk time. (based on 4.5kmh av. speed)

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