Postal Prices

Create a mysql database with the price of 2 carriers that I provide. Create zones 1, 2, 3 … and by weight. Several countries will be classified in the same area for same price.

The user will use the form on the home page and he will mount the best carriers ordered.

– I provided a list of postcodes with sql cities in France, but provide a place in the database to add cities and their zip codes codes later.
– Create a public page and in my admin to add / edit other carriers with their tariffs according to the weight and country.
– Count and record every search and homepage to the 10 most popular searches (eg: 1kg – Paris / London) and last 10 searches in an online site = search clickable link that displays the result.
– Set the number of daily searches in my admin and the total number since the beginning.

– Integration of micropayment system, very easy to integers, once the person has paid is given the results of his research.

– To be integrated in this design: see attachment sites …

In php, (and ajax if it’s possible).

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