Rebuild A Site On Php

I am looking for a programmer/team who can develop a fairly simple CMS to manage a website.
The front end part of the site has been developed in ASP and is connected to an Access DB, now I need to rebuild the site on PHP and build the CMS.
I uploaded a file that explains the different views of CMS, if you have already made cms please submit the url where I can see it or post the features.

In practice this CMS is to insert the contents of the pages that are divided for sections / categories and subcategories.
The pages contain text, images, attached files and meta tags for search engines.
The site is multilingual. You can work and build the CMS in English but I need the possibility to use it in Italian (the main language of the site).
Hopefully you can make adjustments to the DB (or rebuilt it if necessary) to match the CMS with data from the DB.
I need to finish this site CMS for August 22.
After August 22 I will have to implement the CMS with other features, so if we work well you will have the option of other projects.
Let me know if you can achieve it by the requested date and price.

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