Country And State And City List Wanted 2

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I want a complete list of country, state and city – the same as

Maybe you can write a script/ program to capture the info.

To find out more, join Sign in. When you create your profile, you will see a list of country, state and city.

That’s what I need!

Example, country A has 7 states. Each state has 8 cities. So total is 1 country, 7 states, 56 cities. That’s the information I need for country A. (See attachment:

I need the same information for all countries. The information is to be sent to me in an organized way for easy to use/ read.

Please answer:
1. How will you send the info to me? Excel? Notepad? Or…? And why?
2. How much time is needed?
3. Do you consider communication is important? And why?

IMPORTANT: No wrong spelling is acceptable.
100% escrow before project starts


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