Article Rewriting

Need talented, experienced writers/rewriters.

This project is for rewriting 20 articles
(topics include internet marketing, web promotion, social media marketing, seo, sem, web traffic, web content and such)

IMPORTANT: Please only bid if you understand these topics and are able to write/rewrite articles in all these fields. The rewritten article content must make sense in context otherwise the project is not completed. Experience in these fields is required to create sentences that make sense!

I will provide you with the articles.

The original articles are usually from 250-800 words.
Articles above 450-500 words can be rewritten to 450-500 words.
Articles below 450 words must be rewritten into at least 450+ words.

If your work is satisfactory, you will receive similar projects on a frequent basis (monthly)

Here are the requirements:

– At least 85% unique from the original I will check this via software. In order to achieve this requirement (85% unique), you will need to modify existing and add in some new sentences here and there within the article after do some research for other articles with same topic. Your work MUST 100 % pass copyscape and will be checked for plagiarism, failed material will not be paid.

– 100% manually rewritten and not rewritten using any software (I can easily see the difference between a manually rewritten article vs. software rewritten article)

– Articles should be rewritten in current search engine friendly format. If keywords are provided, they need to be used in a logical, conversational manner throughout the articles.

– You are fluent in US English and have excellent grammar, punctuation and spelling skills (DO NOT BID IF YOU CAN ONLY DELIVER SENTENCES IN BROKEN ENGLISH)

– All articles will have to be re-checked by the writer to make sure there are no grammatical errors, typos, spelling errors, or confusion in contextual meaning before you submit it. Articles that have spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, bad syntax, or fail to follow the guidelines will have to be rewritten and may be refused.

– The rewritten sentences and paragraphs must be completely different from the original. Changing just the words will be unacceptable. The rewritten sentences and paragraphs must make sense.

– The rewritten article must be concise and must exhibit a coherent theme. Articles must be written with a logical flow from sentence to sentence and paragraph to paragraph.

– Rewritten articles should delivered in either .txt or .doc format with the original article first and rewritten article below.

– You agree that upon payment, all rights to the rewritten articles transfer to me. This means you will not sell, reproduce or re-use these articles in any manner, both online and offline.

– You must be able to communicate online with me through Yahoo Messenger for the project progress.

– Turnaround for each set of 20 articles is 1-2 weeks. You produce on time. Your work must meet deadlines.

Bid only if you can fulfill ALL requirements above.
If possible, please send samples of your work via PM.

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