Server Expert For Adult Sites

Hi, I am looking for a data base expert. Someone who can log into my server and see what can be done to make it more efficient.
Must have experience and show experience with past projects.
You can base your bid on on what you can promise to do for my server.
Also, Please Send me a PM, and don’t just PM me a list of your references or sites I have to check out.
Can you help with security of site and content on site?
Do you have any experience with a CMS, which one?
I am not looking for someone who can explain the work they do on the server as well, so I can understand it.
A big plus would be someone who can help with back end of site and using info on DB to set up tables that can display that info.
Thanks and please NO Crazy bids that are so high that they are unreasonable, I just delete those bids.

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