Php And Flash Development For 2 New Features

This is a pretty big project. You need to be EXCELLENT at reading instructions and understanding them. You will need to be able to have great communication in English as I will walk you through the project but I want you to be able to grasp it on your own by reading the attached instructions.

You need to be excellent at coding PHP, and FLASH , and Designing because there are several pieces that need to be designed from scratch and look good and flow with the website.

The two big components of the project are the Connection Generator, and the Networking Dock, the instructions are outlined in the word doc below. Please read them carefully and only bid if you understand fully what they entail.

Aeogea Project Outline:
1.) Move items on Home page to make room for Connection Generator and Networking Dock
a. Enlarge the Calendar, Upcoming events box, and slideshow on home page and ensure it works flawlessly and doesn’t glitch.
b. Make forums bigger and move down Blogs and Hot Off the Press
2.) Create Connection Generator
3.) Create Networking Dock
4.) Install a Chat option for users
5.) Update Profile and My Account to go along with these updates

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