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I have a script at and weve added alot of goodies since conception however lately for some odd reason shes grinding to a halt. now this is only happening on this server i run this same script on another server and it runs fine, well now you may be asking me so just move servers well thats not the point here I need this script to be able to run on any server that meets the basic requirements this server does but for some reason its not running right lately, so I ned to hire someone to co through the error logs and basic structure and find out what the issue is. Should be something fairly simple,

you will need to know
GD library
Zend optimizer

all interactions there of

advanced logic and troubleshooting abilities

you will be given FTP access only

there are encoded files no you may not have a unencoded set the issue does not lie within those they are strictly for our licensing system.

No escrow no downpayments been there been burntnot doing it again dont ask, dont bid if you cant accept that. No payment via scriptlance paypal direct only upon completion. Scriptlance charges me to deposit and that doesnt settle well with me fee after fee after fee enough with the fees…:)

and well thast pretty much it.
dont care how many reviews you have here 0 or 10k just need to know you can do it do it quickly and stick to your timeline.

if you do good here i have some new auction types i want added and if your good enough to fix the timers your good enough to do that.

I also have some other work on other projects which if your really good and your pricing is right I may invite you to those as well.

Happy Bidding

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