Need A Catalog Of 3 Sample Social Media Site Data

I need a 3 social media site catalogs in CSV format.

Each catalog must contain at least 50,000 ROWS of unique data.
Data Contents for each catalog:
1. Unique ID
2. URL of image thumbnail
3. URL of actual item
4. Short Description of text
5. Price
6. Characteristic 1 of the item (for instance FileSize, Size).
7. Characteristic 2 of the item (for instance FileSize, Size).
8. Title
9. Categories

Example: So for instance, using this site as an exmaple:

You’ll notice a lot of image results.

If you go to the details of an image, you can get all the columns that are mentioned above.

So, that’s how you would get data for an item.

I need catalogs of data from social media sites (like the link above or similar or something else you’ve seen – may be some video site – it could be anything – as long as it is not porn )

3 different catalogs needed urgently. The urls should be working urls.

This is for research purposes.

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