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(it contains the same information as below with a lot more details – it is also easier to read)


Project context and business goal:

I want to test a business idea. For this purpose, I want to build a test website to see how much traffic goes through in a given time period (a few weeks or months).
• If there is enough traffic, then I will build the product and build a proper eCommerce site.
• If there is not enough “intention to purchase”, then I will build another website to test another idea and so on.
• The key point is to minimize start-up investments to concentrate the cash only on ideas that have a real chance to work

Business concept to be tested: A “mini-MBA-like” training that individuals can follow from home – please go to The current draft website will tell you more about the product.

What the business goal means for the project:

• For this “testing-of-the-idea” phase, there is no eCommerce capability required. I need instead a couple of fake “buy” pages to count how many people will go through and would want to purchase (when someone tries to complete the purchase, a standard page explaining that “we are on backorder” will appear)

• I will also offer on this test website a free business assessment on order to capture potential customer information to better identify target customers (this feature is not currently available on the link above).
Warning! this will need logic and will need to be able to store the answers in a database of some form

When do I need it for?
• Finished by end of July 2010 would be good but not super urgent
• It is likely that there will be a follow-up phase for a couple of months i.e. August / September

What do I need? Major elements:

1 Overall Design / appearance
2 Questionnaire / Test form
3 Designed with “Traffic analysis” in mind
4 Notes and Comments in the Programming + I need to be able to manage the content on my own
5 New Website Logo (optional)

• I am based in London, UK – you do not need to be based in the UK provided we can talk on skype every couple of days (early morning or late evening UK time)
• I am very fair but also detail-oriented and have high quality standards. Note that I am an engineer and programmed a lot in the past (but not websites) so will spare you some “stupid” questions / requests, hopefully saving you time
• Project management: Prior the start of the work, I wish to agree on milestones. At these milestones, we should be in contact so that you can be confident that you are working towards what I want and I am confident that we are aligned.
• In between planned contact points, you can of course work whenever suits you (night, day, whatever…)

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