S2member Integration With WordPress


This should be very simple fix for someone to figure out. I have WordPress 3.1.3 installed with the s2Member plugin as well as the s2Member Pro plugin that works with ClickBank. The plugins as well as all the API information is entered.

I also have a test VISA account to use with ClickBank to test this.

I simply need someone to figure out why it’s now quite working.

I assume that once a order is done via ClickBank the user should go to a Welcome page and then fill out their name, user and pass – which is then added to the Users in WordPress. I assume this is correct.

Please let me know what you are fixing on the site so I know what was changed. I will pay immediately after completing. As you can see I have excellent feedback record.

Here is the link to the s2Member site; http://www.s2member.com/support


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