Embedable Time Slot Web Event Calendar W/ Paypal & Admin

1. The calendar should have the capability to be shown in Weekly List View with a “Buy Now” paypal button linked to each of the events that are listed. The height of the weekly view calendar should be fixed and if there is too much information to fit within the fixed height, then one should be able to click and smoothly drag the individual column upward or downward to see the extra information.

a) Ability to smoothly drag the weekly view calendar horizontally to the left with the mouse (much like how you would scroll on an i-phone/android phone) and see current the date as well as future date events. The current day /event should always be showing when visitor visits the page. There is no need for the user to see PAST dates.

b) Ability to sort by category/subject on week view (left column) so if the user clicks on “Math” then the week view calendar will only list tutors that tutor Math i.e. they have an M beside their name. If a tutor has something like M/Ph next to their name then that indicates that he/she tutors both Math and Physics so they should still show up on the week view calendar if the user clicks Math or if the user clicks Physics.

2.The calendar should have:

a) a small month calendar in the right hand corner with only the dates showing. If you hover over a date on the month view calendar, then the week view calendar should smoothly move to the date that you are hovering over in the monthly view calendar. The date that the mouse is hovering over then becomes first in the week view calendar. The current day must always be the first day in the week view and highlighted in the month view until the user clicks a different date on the calendar.

3. Ability to handle reoccurring events and automatically generate paypal buy it now button codes based on the information provided in the event info.

4. The calendar should be somewhat customizable ie. (border color, border thickness, font, font color, ability to change button images)

5. Admin Login – Administrative login w/ password to change info on calendar. Admin area should be simple and easy to use.

a) there should be an option to automatically insert the paypal code button whenever a date has been scheduled. The code for the button should be generated with the correct description based on the date and category/subject

6. Calendar must be embeddable into a section of the page and preferably not take up the entire page. Must be able to embed calendar on multiple pages on the same server. We need the ability to have separate calendars for each service we wish to provide (ie. a different calendar on different pages not linked to the same events as other calendars, entirely separate)

7. Must be able to work with myself or with another regarding the design of how the calendar looks and functions then tweak accordingly

8.The calendar needs to be bug-free. It will be tested extensively after worker has deemed finished and any found bugs need to be corrected.

9. You must have your own test server to work on and when finished, you may transfer the files to me with clear instructions on how to install on my own server. I’m unable to give out cpanel information.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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