Data Entry – Parts Photos

This project involves opening 1,425 jpeg images and transcribing the following information:

– The number contained within the file name.

– The manufacturer (described in the photos as “vendor”)

– The item description, which may contain a part number. If a part number is contained in the description, it must be entered in a separate field. If there is no number in the description, that field is left blank.

Each record will go quickly, but it will take a small amount of judgement to determine if there is a part number.

In cases where you are uncertain, there is a box to check that will notify us that we need to review the record.

The data entry form is on our web server, in the US. Attached is a screen capture of the form, plus an example of a data source photo.

This project is URGENT and must be completed in 48 hours or less.

SL escrow is required, so please don’t ask me about other methods of payment.

Check my feedback and you will see I try to give detail instructions and reward good performance with a bonus.

Please contact me with any questions.

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