Link Building To Increase Pr And Authority.

If you want this job – it’s very simple to apply:

Let me know *the most competitive* keywords for which you did link building and for which you helped achieve top 10 (US) positions. Provide no more than 5 keywords. Follow this format (wrong formats will be ignored):

“Keyword1” “Current Position on Google US” “URL” “E-mail of URL’s owner”
“Keyword2” “Current Position on Google US” “URL” “E-mail of URL’s owner”
and so on.


“mortgage loans” #4 devteam`at`

I *WILL* verify all of your ranking claims by contacting the owner of the URL. Don’t try to fool me by providing wrong URL owner e-mails or something like that. If you try, it won’t work, and I’ll get you booted off SL for even trying (happened before).

SPECIAL REQUIREMENT: you must be available at least ONE hour on Skype on workdays between 3PM-3AM EST for the duration of the project. The 1 hour will be agreed upon convenient time for both of us and will be used to quickly resolve questions, issues etc, if the need arises. This requirement is a must, so include your preferred hour in your bid. When bidding on the project include phrase “sky is purple” in your first sentence so I know you read all of this. Also, if you flake on the agreed hour even once, I will consider that a breach of your bid and there will be negative consequences for you. My time is valuable and I work with responsible bidders only. No flakers.

Yes, I’m demanding and I won’t let anyone get away with bad work but I’m also a very generous and reasonable employer for SOLID employees. For this project I’m only looking for the best of the best SEOs on ScriptLance.

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