Duplicate WordPress Theme And Functionality Of Site 3

I wish to duplicate / copy the theme and functionality of www (dot) daygame (dot) com

All functionality must work, this includes scripted display on frontpage, etc etc.

A 100% working replica, including all pages and posts on the site is preferred. I will then be using this replica to understand the structure and functionality in conjunction with creation of a similar but different theme.

I will be testing the site in it’s entirety on a localhost before payment. Site must work as intended. The site’s commented code is much preferred as it will make understanding the functionality much easier.


To clarify, I do not already have the theme. The theme is a custom theme created specifically for daygame, it has all the functionality I need for a site I wish to create though. I would like an exact replica of the site and theme to learn from in order to produce my site.

Basically, I need a perfect copy of the site, this includes a working wordpress backend with the installed custom theme etc. I will be running this on localhost to test.

If any plugins need purchasing in order to recreate identical functionality I will purchase these.

EDIT: I assure you the address is correct, the site is apparently running very slowly as of posting this project though and is not opening occasionally.
Additional Info (Added 5/31/2011 at 13:08 EST)…
Project will be 100% escrow before work starts and payment released after functionality tested.

Additional Info (Added 6/24/2011 at 10:49 EST)…
Dear developers, I have had to cancel this project three times now.

If you are unable to complete the project please remove your bids. If you do not 100% understand the project, DO NOT bid.

I have so far been gracious with the previous 3 cancellations and have not given reviews. I WILL be reviewing the next person very poorly should I have to cancel again. I am very disappointed in the previous 2 cancellations.

1 – Did not understand the project entirely

2 – Decided to cancel because “I understand it is taking time and am currently unable to complete your request”

Please remove your bids if you are unable to complete this project or DO NOT bid if you do not 100% understand and have the capability to do it.


It is worth noting that I do not require the forums replicating. I will simply use forum software for this kind of functionality.
Thank you.

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