Forex Mt4 Trade Copier Over Network

Trade Copier Project

I need to develop an MT4 trade copier that allows forex trades to be copied from a master account operating on one computer to any number of slave accounts on any number of other computers. The trade copier should consist of two separate modules called master and slave. Each module should be written in MQL and should call functions from a DLL where the DLL is written in C and/or C++.

The trade copier should have the following features:

– Operates over the network, so master and slaves do not have to be on the same computer
– Allows unlimited slaves
– Automatic conversion 4-5 digits
– Lightning fast
– Automatic licensing system, with Paypal, Clickbank, Plimus compatibity to auto manage subscriptions and expire refunded payments.
– Handles all trade order types: buy/sell, buy limit, sell limit, buy stop, sell stop, delete pending orders, and all TP and SL limits and their modifications
– Automatic 4 or 5 digit execution
– Automatic pair renames: eg EURUSDfx or fxEURUSD automatically converted to “canonical form” EURUSD in communication between master and slaves.
– Must handle partial close
– ECN Mode on slave: if set, this allows slave orders to be placed using 2 step process, first without SL and TP, and then using OrderModify to add SL and TP
– Pips tolerance for market orders: Only open the order if difference in pips between master and slave is less than specified number of pips (pips always specified in 4 digit mode). Positive pips deviation of any size (in trader’s favor) is allowed, only negative deviation (against the trader) is checked.
– Option for Alert on slave when slave “state” changes (eg new orders, modified orders, closed orders, deleted orders, etc).
– Option for slave to send out email when slave “state” changes (eg new orders, modified orders, closed orders, deleted orders, etc).

On completion, all source code (MQ4 and C/C++ files) must be provided along with executables. Code must be tested successfully.

English language documentation must be provided, sufficient to enable a knowledgeable user to install, configure and use the trade copier. Documentation does not need to be a commercial grade users’ manual, just enough for me to understand how to use the code.

Documentation must include details of the communication protocol between master and slave. In other words, the master sends trade information over a socket connection. What is the format of that information? XML? JSON? Custom (such as name value pairs separated by semicolons?) etc. Documentation must describe this.

All software developed, including source code, becomes my sole property to use in any way I wish. Developer relinquishes any ownership and/or royalty rights to the software and deliverables of this project.

If you already have a similiar project please give Demo access in PMB.

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