Simple Joomla Component….one Page

I need a Joomla Component that creates a bio page for a music artist

the page template will have 5 parameters

main picture (a picture can be uploaded and shown on this page)

Background image (background image of the page)

bio input text into this page

video JW video player for this page

Twitter A twitter Stream for this page


so for example if i create the musician “Paul”

and set the parameters above….then click save

A page will be created at

and the parameters i input for Paul will be shown on Pauls page

this is an easy project if you know PHP….your basically creating a mysql entry with the parameters as fields and just loading the variables into a template

i will code and create the Template for the Artists….and you can swap out the hardcode with the variables ….simple 🙂

i need someone who can do this work within 8-10 hours so hit me asap

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