Excel Expert Needed For Data / Doc File Organization

Background: We have a online form which collects abstract submissions (in the form of word docx’s) from users. They are posed with the following two questions: would they like to submit and oral and maybe poster presentation or would they like to submit only poster presentation(s). If choosing the former they are only required to submit an oral not necessarily a poster if choosing the later they are required to only submit an oral but don’t have to necessarily submit more than one. The structure looks as follows:

Oral and/or Poster = <oral upload>, <poster 2 upload>, <poster 3 upload>, <poster 4 upload>


Poster = <poster upload>, <poster 2 upload>, <poster 3 upload>

I have approximately 200 microsoft word files from the above submission process that have been exported from an online dump along with a txt file that relates each file to an individual and their type of abstract and also lists the current file name. Obviously some individuals are listed more than once because they have submitted more than one abstract. I need the following accomplished:

Rename the existing file to “lastname_1st letter of first name_abstract typle (ie oral, post, post2, post3, or post4.docx”

I have attached a copy of the txt dump file (tab delimited) read me. This needs to be completed accurately and QUICKLY. I don’t have time for errors. I’m sure this process can be accomplished with a VB macro of some sort in excel. If this is accomplished in this way I would also like a copy of it. Pleast ask questions BEFORE bidding.

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