WordPress Plugin Creation Software Required

I would like a wordpress plugin created that does everything that this one does: http://bit.ly/nHwbXj

In addition, it must create WordPress plugins able to accept PHP as well as HTML and plan text in the main input box.

It must also give the end user (someone using a plugin created by this software) the ability to display the output from the plugin not only at the top of each post, but also in a WordPress widget.

The plugin creation software must run on Windows, and ideally on a MAC also.

Your application must include the word ‘orange’ as the first word so that I know that you have read this specification… all other applications will be treated as SPAM.

NB: Ignore the project budget shown here – just tell me what it will cost. This will be my first project of this type so I do not know what the range of bids is likely to be.

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