Volunteer Application

I need a programmer to develop an application that does the following:
For Nonprofits:
1) Allows users to enter the name of a Volunteer Activity
2) Allows the user to enter dates that that activity is available
3) Create time slots for that activity.
4) Create a profile page showing information about the non-profit organization (history, staff, contact information, a google map, etc)
5) Manage volunteers, including adding questions to screen volunteers on the activity sign up page.

For Volunteers
1) Create an account that lists all of the volunteer events that you registered for.
2) Allows you to filter to find specific volunteer events.
3) Be able to select an activity and sign up for one of those activities.
4) Be able to manually add volunteer activity.
5) Track the total amount of time volunteered. Have a top-10 list showing who volunteered the most.

For Admin:
1) Manage users, edit events and profiles.

Here is a similar application: http://www.volgistics.com/WhatItDoes.htm

Should be done in PHP with a MySQL database.

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