List Compiling

I need an experienced programmer to compile a list in text format. The list will contain IPs of some sites which I will provide. The list database already has free API which can be used for automatic updating of the lists as these lists are updated every hour from the source.

The work involves the following:

1. From the given URLs lists, you need to do a domain-IP(s) lookup. Please note that all IPs to which the domains resolves to should be collected. This can be easily done in linux by entering this command:

host URL

2. After obtaining all the IPs for each URL , the list will then be compiled in text document in this format:


Where the IP-IP is the range if applicable. If however, a URL only resolves to 1 IP, then the same IP will be used . E.g : 111.222.333.444-111.222.333.444

Total URLs is 4688

I will provide the list database source after choosing the programmer.

Good luck!

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