Set Up Dedicated Server

I need a dedicated server set-up. I don’t know much about it so this may seem a little vague.

It is with Serverpronto, you can get any info you want. If you have question during setup you will be able to use there ticket process.

It is running a Redhat and FreeBSD I have root access and
complete machine control.

1. I need webmin installed on it.
2. I need the DNS setup on it for one domain
3. ftp access for that domain
4. I need a VPN tunnel created between my machine and the server.
I don’t know if that requires a vpn server app or not. But if it does include that in you bid. I would also need instructions
on how to set up clients to connect to that VPN Never more then one
machine at a time.

I will choose programmer in 24 hours. I need project done in 36 hours.

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