Web / Graphic Designer Needed

I need an experienced graphic designer who has the creativity and qualifications necessary to create a ONE page design.

I can assure you right now that I will need someone with creative talent and not the production mill type of web design. I am not looking for the standard 2.0 + design style I am looking for someone who can create something very unique to the needs of my site.

To give you an idea I have uploaded an example image that shows the type of layout I am looking for but not something I want completely replicated. This should however give you an idea of what I am looking for and assist you in your bid.

Please communicate through PMB and show your last 2 projects, individuals who do mass portfolio spams will be ignored. List your time zone. Serious Designers only!!!!

Please have MSN, Yahoo or Aim to communicate with.

I will escrow through scriptlance, if you want any other method I.E PayPal then Full payment will only be released upon final completion of the project.

Designer will provide a well organized .PSD as well as fonts and graphics used upon completion and will release all rights to me and will not be authorized to resell, however they can use it for reference in a portfolio.

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