WordPress Plugin Mod.

I am looking for some to make some minor modifications to this wordpress plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/vote-the-post/

It needs the following:
1. I would like the star rating to be changed to 10 stars
2. I would like the display that the plugin adds above the post to also show the total number of votes that post has received.
3. I would like the admin area to sort the posts by “Number of Votes” so its easy to see which one has the most total votes.
4. I would also like to see which has the highest “average vote” and be able to sort the admin view that way.
5. I would like the cookie to expire at the end of every month so that voters can vote again the following month.
6. The plugin should be given a new name so it won’t be accidentally overwritten by an update from the old plugin.

You should download the plugin and do the work on your servers so this should be an easy one. Speed and quality are both important to me.

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