Fast File Upload And Download Service Website

i wanna a team to develop a site that allows the user to upload the file to various file hosting sites like,,, with very high speed.

means it shld provide a user interface that makes server to server shld use the speed of the server like 1GBps.

also is the same with downloads.users within the site shld be able to download at high speeds.
the site shld allow to upload only one or two files with maximum size of 50mb at high speed at the index page for each unique ip address.if tried again for free then shld be the premium page appear with waiting time of 30 minutes.and inorder to get more files uploaded the user shld open premium account.each premium shld be charged 10$/mth in which the users shld be given a limitation of using 500gb bandwidth and maximum filesize is accrding to the file hosting service sites.

the user if wants more bandwidth shld add more packages.
also the premium users shld have the ability to upload the same file to multiple sites simultaneously.

i shall explain more.

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