Adsense Account


My family name & adress is banned from Adsense.
So I am in need of an adsense account.

*Must be an already approved adsense account in YOUR name and adress. Any payments in the future will be made to your bank account and you will then transfer the full amount to my Paypal ID every month. (IF any profits.)

*As mentioned, only already approved adsense account in your name.

*I have two high quality websites that I will use the adsense for. The sites are NEW just created and I have started SEO and marketing. Looking to make money in the coming 2-3 months.

*You will provide adsense account login to me etc… This is a trustee deal. So at least the first 5-6 months you will always transfer the amount to my paypal. (IF any profits.) After that maybe we can work out a % cut to you from the profit. (IF any.)


P.S. Your bid will be for at least 6 months of Adsense (and monthly transfers from your bank account to my paypal ID. (IF any profit). After that maybe we can work out a % cut to you. But there is no guarantee that I will even make profit from these sites. But they are very potential money makers.

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