Rental Reciept Manager

We are an event company looking for a way to automatically generate transfer orders for rentals and equipment history for our complete inventory

We are looking for a web based system that will do the following

– The system must maintain a database of all our items. All items should have pertinent information about it stored. Like brand, model, reposition price, and a maintenance history for each item
– The idea is as follows. When we rent a specific piece of equipment we will go ahead and scan a barcode on each item. Each item scanned will be listed on a document witch we will print when all items are scanned. This document will then be printed in a manner of receipt and one copy will be signed by the customer and will remain for our records and the other one will be handed to the client.
– Each document generated will be thought of as an individual rental witch will have client info, date the rental was created and the date the equipment must be returned.
– If the equipment is not returned by noon on the date configured for the rental, the system should send a first reminder to the clients email telling them that their rental is due and that we have not received it. Reminders must be sent every day at noon until the rental is marked as returned. The emails must be template based and the first email should have its template and the second one as well all further reminders will use the second email template
– Also. When we do in house maintenance, our technicians must enter maintenance interface were they will scan the item and will log all pertinent information for the item that is being done.
– When an admin wants to see the full history for a specific item, all history must be listed with dates, rental dates, returned date, and maintenance log

The system will not have to contemplate invoicing or inventory availability. We do our invoicing on separate software and we manage our availability and calendar separately. This piece of software should only generate a rental receipt for the customer and maintain a log for each item including maintenance.
The receipt will only have a price on each line that will indicate the price if the item is damaged or stolen.

The system must also generate a rental contract with the information of the client as variables and must also list all the items in the receipt and total price to pay for each item if the item is lost or damaged. This contract text will be provided to the winning programmer and you will only have to insert the variables for the client information and the items rented

This is how the script must work.

1. an employee log into the system using his/her unique username and password
2. the user must be taken to a home page were all pending returns are listed and past due returns must be clearly marked using color codes or icons
3. in the home page there must be an action menu were the user will pick what he will do, create a new rental, mark a rental as returned, modify a rental, or take an item out for maintenance
4. If the employee selects create a new rental, the employee must then create a new rental by filling in client information, date of contract – usually the same date the rental is being generated, but must be editable – and the return date. All input must be as assisted as possible. Clients must be in a database searchable in real time. Example if we input [RAM] on the clients name box all clients with name OR last name containing RAM must be displayed for the user to select. All dates must be assisted by popup calendars. And also the client must input an event field witch will have the event name. there should also be a notes text area available
5. Once the rental has been created. The employee will start scanning all items that will be taken out by the client. This must be done unattended. Our barcode scanners input the barcode text followed by a TAB. So manually the barcode id could be entered and by simply pressing tab a new line must be created and awaiting the next barcode id
6. Once all items are scanned the employee will click on a finish button witch will then display a preview of the document to be printed. The employee will select to go ahead and save the rental witch will automatically print the receipt or modify the rental in case the employee spots an error. Once the receipt has been generated and printed the employee can exit, go to a list of all pending rentals –this would be the systems home page- and then from the list could pick the recently created rental and generate and print the rental contract. Also a checkbox should be available when the receipt is to be printed allowing the user to print the contract as well
7. if the employee selects return rental, the user can select witch rental to mark as returned, the rental list will be shown so the user can manually verify that all items in the list are in fact being returned and if so, mark the rental as returned and completed. A new receipt must then be generated and printed for the client stating that all items listed have been retuned in working conditions.
8. If the user selects to take the item out for maintenance a page will be displayed with all the items information, past maintenance logs and a text area to log everything done to the item at that particular instance.

The system should be user friendly and must be icon based with an easy to use and appealing GUI. The final product must be in Spanish but all translations will be done by us using any method you decide. Be it template files, or translations files. This system will reside on a local machine which will have a web server and mysql installed on it. All emails must be sent from within the computer or using smtp servers that require authorization. So this must be configurable. Other computers must be able to access the script form the main computer so everything must be contained in the internet explorer window. All improvements are welcomed. Please work on the system assuming that future functions will be added in the future and that the programmer selected will be the one doing all future additions.

Payment will be via scriptlance escrow.

The programmer must submit a working system for approval and bug checking. These versions for checking can be hosted on your servers so we don’t actually have the working script until we are happy with the system,- Once we are happy with the system and all functions requested are fully functional we expect the complete script so we can install it on our machine and then will complete payment.

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