Page Rank Update For Php Ld Script

I have a modified PHP Link Directory site based on PHPLD 2.1.2 . It is modified in a way that allows me to submit bulk sites via a text file upload. I would like a programmer to set this up so that it enters the page rank of each site as I enter them into the site via this text file. I believe this was working for me at one point but the Page rank source either is gone or banned my IP permanently. I need this to be able to check the page ranks of up to 1000 directories at a time uploading from this text file so may need to use numerous page rank sources. I’m not sure. I would also like the programmer to add a column to my site for Alexa values. I would like Alexa values to be pulled when I upload sites via the text file as well.

I would also like something added to the script that it continuously updates page ranks and Alexa’s for existing sites in my list. Perhaps this could be done via cron where it takes a certain number of sies per day and updates?

I would like the selected programmer to be able to chat via Windows Live Messenger.

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