WordPress Theme Modification

I have a WordPress site, Geekfunder.com
built using the WordPress theme FolioGridPro (frogsthemes.com)

needs modifications to the following:
include addition of Header and subHeader to Homepage and Page.
add Sign up and Login page with functionality below.
add left sidebar to archive/category/etc

Layout and color scheme to follow:
see post_Project_Layout folder/layout_Headers_Homepage
modification to FolioGridPro/styles/light.css and light.js


Header (homepage)
(see post_Project_Layout folder/layout_Headers_Homepage)
header 1: logo, and nav menu: Discover, Start your project, Search, Blog, FAQS, Login, and Sign Up. The Discover link is a dropdown menu of categories
header 2: text phrase on the left (“funding fresh ideas, fresh approaches”), and text on the right. Clicking on the text on the right activates a lightbox window with inline text content describing GeekFunder. The Lightbox Plus plugin is installed to integrate lightbox display. http://www.23systems.net/plugins/lightbox-plus/.

Header (pages)
(see post_Project_Layout/layout_Headers_Project_Post)
header 1: logo and nav menu (Discover (dropdown menu of categories)), Start your project, Search, Blog, FAQS, Login, and Sign Up
Header 2: page title

Category/Archive (e.g. http://geekfunder.com/category/science/)
(see post_Project_Layout/Category_Search_create_sidebar)
create a wordpress theme sidebar (260px in width) on the left side where the Browse archive bar is.
this is so I can add widgets like Popular, Search, tag cloud, etc.

Login and Sign Up page
clicking on the Login or Sign Up link directs user to the Login/Sign Up page
This page is a full width page. (See post_Project_Layout folder/layout_Login_SignUp.)
Login area, Registration areas
users can login/register via Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc using the JanRain WordPress plugin which is installed already.
registration: first and last name, email, password, location (city), about me, and website. Username not needed as users login using only email and password.

Add option to make post or page full width
there is a full width page PHP file but for some reason I don’t see the option to select it in the new post/page in Admin.

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