Novus – Creative Portfolio Website Template (Site Templates)

Novus – Creative Portfolio Website Template is a new full flash template made by It comes with a content module that can be used in any way(home page, news, services, video reels, clients lists, etc). It also has a complex media gallery and a minimalist project viewer to showcase all of your projects/images/videos and share them via top social networks. It features full deep linking support, social icons, background music, fullscreen mode, and it also includes a cool slideshow and a special contact page.

Please remove the black bar at the top to see the deep linking feature!

*Note before buy! This template requires a Linux server in order to support PHP files(for the contact page and the sharing system)!
**Note before buy! Free Support is offered for this file, and all messages/emails will be answered in max 48hrs!


 Also make sure that you check out:

Main features

  • xml driven(99% of the features can be edited in the xml files: colors, content, images, videos, text, links, etc..)
  • supports many pages on a two level menu
  • full deep linking support(this means you can link to any page or go down to any image in your gallery or project in your portfolio)
  • you can load your own swf files if the included modules aren’t enough
  • all colors are customizable(via xml)
  • background music player
  • fullscreen support
  • social icons and links

Content page

The content page is a complex module that combines the use of text blocks and titles with media items(images and videos). With this simple module i created many of the pages in this template:

  • home page(two columns of text with one image)
  • services page(three columns of text)
  • workflow(one column of text with embedded video)
  • clients(two columns of combined images with text)
  • credits(two columns of rich formatted text)
  • youtube(single youtube video)
  • vimeo(single vimeo video)

So all these pages were created with the content module. If you have imagination you can take it further and create the content pages that you need, combining titles, text, images and videos(only one video is permitted per page).


This is actually my Novus Slideshow. Basic features:

  • unlimited images
  • smooth diagonal transitions
  • subtle image zooming options
  • html formatted captions for every image
  • control/navigation buttons
  • random, loop, and other cool features

Portfolio viewer

  • unlimited images within unlimited projects
  • smooth transitions and effects
  • simple image slideshow for every proejct
  • html formatted text for every project
  • deep linking down to each project

Media gallery

This is the most complex module in the tempalte, with a lot of really cool features:

  • unlimited galleries with unlimited images/videos
  • html formatted description text for every gallery
  • fullscreen image viewer
  • (almost fullscreen)video player that supports youtube and vimeo videos
  • the ability to combine images and videos within a gallery
  • sharing system that allows user to share content vie top social networks
  • deep linking down to each image/video

Contact page

  • simple php contact form
  • fields validation and custom result messages
  • html contact text area
  • Links and custom swfs





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