XML Layers Transitions Gallery – AS3 (Image Galleries)

This is a clean and good looking xml image gallery with a cool transition effect.

Includes both OOP and NON -OOP versions.

Everything is properly named in the FLA file. Action Script and XML file are well-commented.


These settings can be set via XML .
1. galleryWidth – gallery width
2. galleryHeight – gallery height
3. backgroundColor – background color
4. transitionSpeed – transition speed
5. textSpeed – speed for text appearance
6. showDelay – delay between creating each image
7. layers – number of layers to appear in the transition
8. thumbWidth – thumbnail width
9. thumbHeight – thumbnail height
10. appearSpeed – appearance speed for the text and thumbnails
11. scrollSpeed – scrolling speed for the thumbnails
12. autoHideText – set whether text on the top should be hidden automatically or not
13. autoHideThumbs – set whether thumbnails should be hidden automatically or not
14. thumbBackColor – background color for thumbnails

Each image item can have the following attributes.
1. thumb – thumbnail image to show in the scrolling bar
2. src – source path for the big image
3. title – title of the image
4. description – HTML description for the images.

If no gallery dimensions are supplied then the full Stage dimensions are used.

Download XML Layers Transitions Gallery – AS3 (Image Galleries)

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