Diatree fast tree and form generator (Forms)

Diatree allows you to create superfast interactive dialogue trees, navigation and forms with little effort and no programming


  • Easy Tree creation by creating directories and files and uploading to backend
  • Also support directory structure on server directly.
  • Backend CSS composer which allows selecting preset partial css files to compose a tree design in seconds
  • Option to add / remove css to css-composer by simply placing in the corresponding folder.
  • Option to provide folders, inputs/ buttons and text descriptions in tree.
  • No programming required to build your own dialogue trees. You only need to create folders and files with key=value settings
  • Supports all major input fields to build complex forms, this include text, textfield, file (upload), select (dropdown), radio, reset, checkbox, submit
  • Redirect to url or show message as a result of form submit.
  • extremely fast low processing control built using Angular framework.
  • Optional Ajax based saving on each step.
  • Use a shortcode to place a tree in any page/post.
  • Records every step followed by user through the tree. Logs of user traversals available in backend.
  • Highly customizable through css files per tree, loaded separately for each tree.
  • Custom settings using css style sheet per tree , style sheet is loaded on the page where tree is used only.
  • Searching based on key and value pairs in backend records
  • Global CSS for all trees through backend settings.
  • Compatible with any themes, (minor css adjustments may be needed to make the component blend in).
  • Html file support, place an html file made in your favorite editor in the dir to appear as the content
  • Option to order fields / navigation buttons by using numbering prefixes
  • Display independent images per folder
  • Supports form button actions including open popup url, redirect to url,display message and back one step in tree
  • Angular based frontend form validation based on preset validator rules to ensure correct input

To generate and save a new tree

  1. Modify or create the directory structure and upload it
  2. From backend , press the reset button against the tree if it was already there before
  3. Add the shortcode to the page wherever you like
  4. Open the front page containing the shortcode for the tree to view the tree

Settings Page in Admin

Settings page has a few settings which include the following

  • Can allow submission on every click, this will be resource intensive but can be used to ensure data recording for incomplete trees.
  • Can upload a style sheet that loads for all trees.
  • Hide or how back button on all trees.

Download Diatree fast tree and form generator (Forms)

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