Advanced Categories Widget (Widgets)

Advanced Categories Widget is an advance widget that gives you total control over the output of your categories.
Support multiwidget, category image, easy to customize and full features. Displays a list of Categories as links.
When a Category link is clicked, all the posts in that Category will display on a Category Page using the
appropriate Category Template dictated by the Template Hierarchy rules. This widget is based on the WordPress
function: wp_list_categories()

Widget options

Installing Plugin

From the Administration Panels , click on the Plugin tab. Once you have uploaded the plugin to your WordPress plugin directory, activate it from the Plugins Management page.

Using Plugin

Goto the Widget tab of the Appearance section, drag the widget to your available widget area and configure the widget.

Here is the widget options you can customize:
Title & Show title
Show description for displaying the categories description.
Style, with HTML list or none.
Order, ascending or descending.
Orderby count, id, slug or term group.
Depth, controls how many levels in the hierarchy of categories are to be included.
Number, sets the number of categories to display.
Thumbnail Height & Width, for diplaying the categories image size.
Intro & Outro text, if you want to add additional text or HTML .
Include & Exclude, only include or exclude the selected categories.
Exclude Tree, exclude category-tree from the results.
Child of, only display categories that are children of the category identified by this parameter.
Current Category, allows you to force the “current-cat” to appear on uses of wp_list_categories that are not on category archive pages
Search, only for searching given categories.
Feed, display a link to each category’s rss-2 feed and set the link text to display.
Feed Type, show the fed type in atom, rss, rss2, or rdf.
Feed Image, set a URI for an image to show as a link.
Hierarchical, set a URI for an image to show as a link.
Use description, sets whether a category’s description is inserted into the title attribute of the links created.
Show last update
Show count, toggles the display of the current count of posts in each category.
Hide empty, toggles the display of categories with no posts.

Custom Style & Script if you want to add additional CSS style or javascript per given widget ID.

Post Content Show fulltext content or summary.
Number of posts to show The default number of post to show is 5. You can adjust it as much you want.
Preview Style Post preview style.
Show on homepage? This option is a check box. Check it if you want this widget show on home page. The default value is true or checked.
Show on single page? This option is a check box. Check it if you want this widget show on singular page. The default value is true or checked.

Uninstalling Plugins

To remove this plugin, make sure the plugin is deactivated from the Plugins panel. Go to your website’s wp-content/plugins folder (usually with an FTP program) and look for the file name zTwitter. Select the file name and delete it.

If your WordPress installation is on your hard drive, open the wp-content/plugins folder and find this plugin file name, select it and delete it.

Sources and Credits


Change Log

1.0. Initial Release

Download Advanced Categories Widget (Widgets)

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