PHP Javascript Obfuscator (Miscellaneous)

Obfuscate, scramble, minimize, domain lock, set an expiration date and encrypt your JavaScript code to protect it against theft!
This safe JavaScript anti-theft protection allows you to deliver live obfuscated encrypted JavaScript code by online processing the original source code directly on the server side, so no offline processing is needed. Just copy your original JavaScript source code to the server, and deliver it to the browser through the WiseLoop PHP Javascript Obfuscator and you will be protected against theft.

Usage Example

  • Classical (unprotected) JavaScript integration:
    <script src="the-path/the-directory/the-subdir/my-js-code.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
  • Protected JavaScript integration through WiseLoop PHP Javascript Obfuscator:

    <script src="jso.php?repository-name|my-js-code.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Main Features

  • dynamic bytecode encryption: to deliver a different content on each request making decryption very difficult;
  • names obfuscation: obfuscate declared variable names by replacing them with self generated ones consisting only of this chars: ‘I’, ‘l’, ‘1’ making the code hard to understand and modify;
  • current internet domain locking: to limit the code functionality to the current domain only, so the script will stop working if copied to another internet domain;
  • decoy code generation upon illegal HTTP requests: to protect the resulted obfuscated JavaScript code files against direct scrapping – if direct acces attempts to the obfuscated JavaScript code are detected, a trap bogus-decoy source code will be generated so that the possible thief will work in vain if he will try to deobfuscate the final result;
  • expiration date setup: to apply a time limit to the code functionality, so the script will stop working when a certain date is reached;
  • source code repository based access type: for easier access to JavaScript files and to hide the real path of the JavaScript files, so nobody will know where they are located;
  • size optimization: will minify the code by removing comments, carriage returns, line feeds, tabs and white spaces;
  • smart caching engine: to provide fast delivery speeds by avoiding processing of already obfuscated JavaScript files and loading them from the cache instead;


  • Apache Web Server 2.0.0 or above
  • PHP 5 .0.0 or above

Installation Instructions

  • Step 1: make a folder named /php-javascript-obfuscator on your Web server;
  • Step 2: copy entire /bin and /cache directories to the new created /php-javascript-obfuscator folder;
  • Step 3: make sure that the /php-javascript-obfuscator/cache directory is writable;
  • Step 4: configure the obfuscator by modifying the /bin/wlJSOConfig.php file;
  • Step 5: setup your JavaScript repository by modifying the /bin/wlJSOConfig.php file;
  • Step 6: include your JavaScript file inside your project like this: <script src="jso.php?repository-name|my-js-code.js" type="text/javascript"></script>


Note: Please note that what can be done, can be also undone.
Although WiseLoop PHP Javascript Obfuscator can provide a high protection level for your JavaScript work, it cannot guarantee a full bulletproof protection due to the public and open architecture of JavaScript and web browser combination. If the browser can see your JavaScript code (even obfuscated), the humans can see it too; so, a potentially thief can try to deobfuscate it and reach closer to the original source code. By using different techniques, WiseLoop PHP Javascript Obfuscator will surely discourage the unobfuscation attempts, forcing the thiefs to think twice before stealing your code instead of buying it.

If for some reasons your JavaScript code stops working after obfuscation, instead of giving bad rates, please report the problem to WiseLoop team. We will make all the possible efforts to solve any issue and make this software to deserve a 5 star rating from you.
Thank you.

This software product is sold exclusively on Please do not download it from elsewhere.

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