Fast, Secure Login (FSL) Quick Login Integration (Forms)

Fast, Secure Login (FSL) No Database Needed!

Ok so i’m back with a new application. I have designed an application for those designers and users who have little programming experience. Loads of people ask me every month if I could design them something that would allow them to secure their applications or documents in minutes. So I thought why not make one for everyone.

So I did, I have created something that can secure your web apps and document with one line of code

<?php require('fsl.enc.php'); ?>

So no database is needed and you can set it u in less than a minute. I have provided documentation that covers the configuration of the app. It allows you to change the name of your script and add more users etc.

As always I will provide you guys with any extra support should you require it.

So to summaries

No programming experience needed!
Set up in less than a minute
Protect your private documents/applications
Add users, easy as pie!

Test Details

username: admin
password: password

username: jonno
password: password

Download Fast, Secure Login (FSL) Quick Login Integration (Forms)

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