Project Management Application PHP & AJAX (Project Management Tools)

Technologies: PHP5 , Codeigniter, Ajax, jQuery, CSS , XHTML, SQL

We are pushing the start button on our long journey here by presenting our first item made to ease your project management duty. The project management application has a friendly user interface and great looking features, starting with a simple member login page with “remember me” checkbox.


Username: admin
Password: admin


Username: user
Password: user

The member accounts are easily created and managed by the admin and the login requires username and password.

Keep your projects on the track

With this project management app you have full control over your current work and also a history of your projects. The Dashboard has customizable tabs which can be organized and created after your own work flow and interests; e.g.: current projects, marketing, maintenance, etc.

Each project has a full management control with real time status: on process, finished, paused, all of this with a percentage of the work done and the possibility to establish and follow a deadline.

Follow your team’s work the easy way and collaborate

Within the app there are two kinds of account permissions: admin and user, but the account page interface offers the possibility to follow your team’s work (or colleagues) even you are a user. This can be easily done with the overall team member composition with online status feature. This way you can see what tasks each member have, if they are online and on what project they are working on.

By clicking the user icon a pop-up will show up with the basic info of the team member: name, phone number, email address, job title / position, assigned tasks, avatar and current working projects.
Follow each task of your colleagues to find our when to start your own one within the same project.

Use all your time efficiently

Projects and tasks have the ability to be assigned with specific deadlines (for a project or a group of tasks). This way you will always know how to use the time and how to share it between projects, in order to deliver them on time and keep your team updated with the importance of each project.

Get full control fast with install kit

We provide you an install kit to ease your PM integration. With a simple click of a mouse you can have full access to the project management system and start your work immediately.

Allover features:

  • Easy user management
  • User profile with online status
  • Assigned tasks for each user
  • Personal button within the account with your own tasks, deadlines and they progress
  • Dashboard with custom tabs
  • Project status: in progress, finished, paused, percentage bar
  • Possibility to assign tasks / group of tasks for one or more members on each project
  • Deadlines for each project
  • Integrated calendar with deadlines and project names
  • Archive with finished or paused projects
  • Search bar for projects
  • Fixed toolbar (top menu) within the page
  • Friendly UI
  • Two types of permissions: admin and user
  • Install kit
  • Status badges with the number of tasks / projects / deadlines

Download Project Management Application PHP & AJAX (Project Management Tools)

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