Path Generator (Apps)


Path Generator is an AIR desktop application that helps programmers or developers in the creation of vector graphics. Path represents the geometry of the outline of an object. Using “moveto”, “lineto”, and “curveto” commands you can create shapes using coordinates, but this application does all that automatically for you with both Cubic Bézier and Quadratic Bézier curved lines supported.

Basically it allows a developer or user to draw shapes on a grid and it will output the path data in your chosen format (code or string). You draw lines from point A to point B and you may choose to make them curved lines if needed. This is a tool that can be very useful for developers who create vector graphics in their applications or websites (AIR/Flash/Flex, C#, HTML5 Canvas, etc).

Features Include:

  • Create Lines with Mouse or by Typing Coordinates in Textbox
  • Two Formats Supported
      › String – M 0 ,10 L 30 ,20
      › Code – moveTo(0,10); lineTo(30,20);
  • Change Grid Size and/or Gridline Spacing
  • Zoom In/Out of Grid
  • Snap to Gridlines, Pixels, and/or End Point
  • Undo, Redo and Clear All Buttons
  • Horizontal and Vertical Rulers
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
      › Hold down Q or C for quick drawing of curved lines.
      › Press Enter or Space to commit a curved line to Path Data.
  • Full Screen Mode Support


You must have the Adobe AIR run time (2.6+) installed to use this application. You may download AIR here. To install application simply run the package file (PathGenerator.air) and follow the simple installer instructions.

Download Path Generator (Apps)

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