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Make Your Page’s HTML Elements Pop-Up Like Ghosts!

Ghostify is a lightweight (less than 5kb) and easy to use jQuery Plugin.
Turn everything on your sites into a floating ghost pop-up with this line:


The Plugin let you completely personalize the elements behaviour in seconds.
They can fade in and out in a random position for a random duration always inside the browser window, or appear where you prefer and stay there.
You can set the oscillation, timing, browser positioning and more.
Moreover, it can be used just to place elements in your page, without any animation!

Usefull as messages or articles too!

6 CSS styles are included, along with 6 close icons!

Ghostify is compatible with all the major browsers.

If you’re a Developer, well commented code allows you to simply customize the source too.
Two versions of the plugin available, normal and minified for better performance.

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