Captchas Work for Long Terms by burningtypes

We need a good team required for a long term captcha project Rate is $0.85/1k for individual ( 1500 to 2k output per day ) Rate is $0.90/1k for team only (10k to 20k output per day must be) Payment… (Budget: $30-250, Jobs: .NET, Articles, Blog, BPO, Data Entry)

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    If you break down the term Business Process Outsourcing, you are left with two important terms: Business process and outsourcing. Business process refers to tasks important in fulfilling the business function of an organization, such as the human resources, payroll, and finance functions. These are only some of the business processes important in all organizations. The other term, outsourcing, refers to using another company to handle certain activities of an organization. In BPO, the basic idea is that you get another company to handle and manage business activities previously stated.

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