Snow Lower Third 1 (Corporate)

Broadcast quality, professional grade lower third ideal for all winter, Christmas, New Year or holiday video projects.
Snow Lower Third adds a magic look to your video, a snowing feeling, a magic light and vivid beautiful colors.
Text layers are just in the preview.
This is not a Project file but a RENDERED video file at Full HD resolution 1920×1080, Quicktime PNG with alpha. You get a pack of 5 different colors in 5 mov files (dark blue, red, green, black, white) each 10 seconds long (shortened in the preview).
Ideal to add style in your video, corporate, season, Christmas, greeting, winter, ski, holidays, television, news, show, onair graphics, movie, documentary, presentation, flash, DVD , winter sports, product video project. It includes alpha channel, therefore you just overlay over your material and add the text and logo in your favorite editing application.

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