Submolecular (Corporate)

Hello friends :)

This is my latest project. It’s universal with lots of potential uses. Original concept and creative ideas with each frame. Hope you find it useful.

Main features are:

  • No plug ins required (Optical Flares is pre-rendered but additional file is included for those who have the plug-in and want to modify it.)
  • HD resolution (720p)
  • 20 placeholders
  • about 1 minute long
  • Useful video tutorial showing how to edit the template
  • Audio is not included but feel free to write me an email about additional soundtrack information
  • please rate if you like it :)
  • If you need help customizing the project drop me an email.

HD RESOLUTION RENDERS IN LESS THAN 60 MINUTES (.MOV, PHOTO -JPG 75%) on Intel i7 Quad Core, 6gb ram, Windows 7, 64 bit

Download Submolecular (Corporate)

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