Light Disc (Industrial)

This project is made in AE CS4 with resolution 1920×1080, but of course you can render it any resolution.

I made it to look nice,the use of it is your decision.
1:15 min long

-it has 5 placeholders for images or video files
-3 title text placeholders to make your intro
-text placeholders for each of 5 images you use
-logo ending and placeholder for your website address or other text you need
-detailed text help file wich I hope will be useful
-all made just in AE,no plugins needed,so you can modify everything
-is included a small prerendered file to reduce your rendering time,but you can use and edit the original layers
(I explained more in the help file)

The music is not included,is made by composer Vaisnava and can be purchased from
The sound effects are not included,but if you like them I can help with that.
A link for the fonts I used is provided in the help file,they are free.

If you need more placeholders I will make some more,you just have to ask.
Also you may ask any questions about the project,I’ll be glad to help.

Thank you

Download Light Disc (Industrial)

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