How to Draw a Porg From Star Wars

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May the 4th be with you! Today we’re going to draw the newest addition to the creatures of Star Wars—the porg. This is part of a collaboration with Yulia Sokolova as she covers how to create a porg in Affinity Designer.

Although they don’t really take part in the epic story, these plump little birds have stolen the hearts of many. They’re funny, they’re cute, and they’re easy to draw—so grab a pencil and let’s get started!

1. How to Sketch a Porg

Step 1

Start with a vertical oval. Don’t try to make it perfect—there’s no need to! Also, remember to keep these guide lines light and subtle, to cover them with final lines later.

porg oval body

Step 2

Put a horizontal oval on top, slightly to the left. Looking at it this way, porgs are not much different in their basic construction from BB8!

porg oval head

Step 3

Add the stick legs right under the first oval. Draw little circles on both ends to define their width for later.

porg stick legs

Step 4

Sketch the toes.

porg stick toes

Step 5

Sketch the face area. Because our porg is turned slightly to the right (from its perspective), place it on the side of the head.

porg oval face

Step 6

Put a dot in the center of the face oval.

porg center of the face

Step 7

Draw an isosceles triangle around this dot.

porg face proportions

Step 8

Place the eyes and the mouth around the corners of the triangle. Draw the eyes as ovals slightly tilted to the middle—this will make them cuter!

porg eyes mouth placement
porg mouth

Step 9

Draw the “shoulders” right under the head.

porg shoulders

Step 10

Add the oval wing on the side of the body.

porg wings

Step 11

Draw narrow ovals along the toes to give them volume.

porg toes volume

Step 12

The basic guide lines are finished, but we still need more details. Outline the lips and nose.

porg mouth detailed

Step 13

Add the patches around the eyes.

porg eye pacthes

Step 14

Add ovals around the eyes, not much bigger than them and not perfectly aligned with their edges. This will help you create the eyelids.

porg eyelids

Step 15

Add the circular pupil to each eye.

porg pupils

2. How to Draw a Porg

Step 1

We have finished the guide lines, and we’re ready to draw the final lines. Now you can press harder or use a darker tool (e.g. fineliner) to make these lines stand out. You can also draw them on a new sheet of paper, tracing the guide lines placed below.

Draw the eyes and the mouth. Remember that the eyes are 3D spheres, not circles—this will help you draw the eyelids correctly.

porg face details

Step 2

Fill the pupils with black. Leave some white dots on their sides and a light smudge on top. You can use an eraser for that smudge to make it softer.

porg shiny eyes

Step 3

Outline the whole body as the guide lines suggest.

porg body outline
pirg feet outline

Step 4

Now gently accentuate other, subtler lines by crossing them with “fur lines”. This will add some volume without flattening the whole drawing.

porg detail lines

Step 5

We need to add the characteristic black-and-white pattern to make our porg more porg-like. You can do it easily by drawing “feathers”—clusters of lines. Draw them around the imaginary 3D form of the porg’s body.

porg dark feathers
porg pattern

If you want to give your porg more realistic feathers, you can experiment with the tricks from these tutorials:

Step 6

If you were to describe a porg with two words, these would probably be “eyes” and “plump”. Accentuate the plumpness by adding a subtle shading.

porg shading

So Cute!

What a cute little porg! If you want to learn how to draw other cute things, here are a couple more drawing tutorials for beginners:

how to draw porg step by step

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