Building Android Apps with Flex (Android)

This tutorial is 20 seconds shy of 60 minutes taking you from the beginning to end of building an Android application using the Flex framework and AdobeĀ® AirĀ®. In this tutorial, the application that we are going to be building allows a potential home buyer to input the name, price, and realtor’s phone number into the application. It then gets the location using the GPS and allows the user to take a photo of the house.

In this video you will learn:
Creating a Flex mobile project.
Building the application UI in mxml.
Creating data objects to provide a consistent way to pass data to and from the different views.
How to connect to the devices GPS and get the lon and lat.
How to connect to the devices native camera app to take a picture and store it in the gallery.
How to create a local SQLite database to store all the information that the user inputs in the app.
Create a class to handle all the reading and writing to the SQLite database.
Create and dispatch a custom event to pass data back from the SQLite database class.
How to call the phone app and populate it with the realtor’s number.
How to call the Google Maps app on the phone and pass in the location that is stored.
How to display all this information in a list with data bindings and label functions.

Although you do not need to know Flex and Actionscript3, it will help. This is not a tutorial teaching you Flex or Actionscript3.
You can do much of the debugging of this app on your desktop but if you want to try GPS and the camera, you will need an Android device.
In this tutorial I use Flash Builder 4.5 which you can get a free 60 day trial from

This tutorial will take you from creating the project to running the app on a phone.

All the source code will be provided in with the tutorial but I highly encourage you to watch the video and program it on your own. I believe that the best way to learn is by doing and that is why I choose to build an application instead of just doing a video giving you various code snippets.

Download Building Android Apps with Flex (Android)

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