Media Strategies for Internet Marketers (Business)

Would you like to get more qualified traffic to your website and increase your conversion rate – for free?

Publicity in real world media – such as newspapers, magazines and trade journals – is the best endorsement you can possibly get for your online business or blog.

In Media Strategies for Internet Marketers, entrepreneur Pete Williams passes on proven methods to help you generate the publicity and exposure you deserve, including:

• professionally writing and distributing your own press releases
• pitching your own article to the media and get published
• reliable techniques to capture the attention of journalists and editors
• ‘The Halo Effect’, and why it is the best testimonial even money can’t buy
• and how you can achieve all of this without putting in any extra time, money or effort!

Media Strategies for Internet Marketers is an essential read for any online business owner, blogger or niche marketer looking to maximise profit for minimal cost.

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