How to install screensaver on the Mac

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How to install a third party screen saver that you downloaded for the Mac.

Found this cool Zombie screensaver so we’ll install it on the Mac.

Downloading Zombie ScreenSaver for the Mac

Open the downloaded file folder and you should see a “.saver” file. There are several ways you can install a screen saver on the Mac.

Zombie .saver file

1. Double click the “.saver” file and it may install itself.

2. Drag the file to the “~/Library/Screen Savers/”. The easy way to get there is by clicking on the Hard Drive icon on your desktop then click “Library” folder then the “Screen Saver” folder.

The last step is to change the our current screensaver to the new one we just installed. Right click on a empty space on the desktop. Select “Change Desktop Background”.

Click “Screen Saver”.

Your new screen saver will probably be listed under “Other”.

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