Cha-Ching Acquired by Intuit, and Alternatives

Financial megalith Intuit, the company most famously know for its Quickbooks application, has picked up independent financial mac app maker Midnight Apps and its popular Cha-Ching product. What does that mean for Cha-Ching users? It’s not altogether clear yet, but given Intuit’s history with their users after the acquisition, you’d be forgiven for thinking things are about to go downhill with Cha-Ching.

TechCrunch reports today that in fact Intuit managed to hire Cha-Ching’s team some months ago and is only now wrapping up an acquisition of thieir code and graphics.

Meanwhiles the Cha-Ching website has switched to a notice site pushing people to Quicken for Mac or the web alternative

Other Mac Finance Apps!

Fortunately there are lots of alternative Mac Apps for Finance and Money Management, and you can read about some of them right here on Mac.AppStorm, including:

What’s your take on the acquisition?

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