My excellent, fun-time, rage-inducing iPhone 4 adventure

As I write this, I have been an iPhone 4 owner for ten days. I’ve replaced one iPhone 4 so far, and I’m about to send the replacement back, too. You know why? Because both of the iPhone 4 units I’ve owned have had the same design flaw. No, not that one. No, not that one, either.

A few days after being savvy/lucky enough to score an iPhone 4 during New Zealand’s notoriously bungled launch, I noticed a small gap between the rear glass and the stainless steel antenna band. At the iPhone 4’s top, near the rear-facing camera, the top couple millimeters of the unit had a gap between the antenna bezel and the rear casing that was large enough to admit all sorts of dust and pocket crud into the iPhone 4’s internals. I also noticed an irritating, rhythmic buzzing noise coming from the vicinity of the noise-cancelling mic any time I was on a phone call and had the handset against my ear.

I took the unit in to get it replaced, as most people would do. And so began my excellent, fun-time, rage-inducing iPhone 4 adventure. Click “Read More” to learn about the bafflingly stupid state of affairs that takes place when you need to exchange an iPhone in a country that has no official Apple Stores.

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