This Week in iPhone & iPad News – March 12/2010

News from GDC this week:

GDC 2010: Ngmoco justifies the freemium model Is Ngmoco alienating fans of some of their favorite games because of the continued use of the “freemium” business model?

GDC 2010: Street Fighter 4 for iPhone Out Now Some say you can’t experience Street Fighter 4 on a touch-screen device. I think the controls work pretty well but it can be hard to see the controls.

GDC 2010: This is What Unreal Engine 3 on iPhone Looks Like Interesting considering we haven’t seen Unreal Engine 3 on the Wii or PSP yet.

GDC 2010: Baffling $350 App Store Success What does it mean when a “joke app” can sell for more than $300 on the App Store?

GDC 2010: Backflip’s Farrior on iPhone Ad Sales, Free Versions Some insights on how you can use certain tactics to sell an application on the App Store if you can predict the market.

Other items:

iPad Now Available Pre-order your iPad now!

Apple’s iPhone 4.0 Software to Deliver Multitasking Support Could this be because of the upcoming iPad?

iPhone 3D Programming An upcoming book covering OpenGL and 3D development on the iPhone.

Multitouch Air2 and the iPhone A cool tutorial of Multitouch, IntelliJ, and Air 2.0 beta 2, along with SimTouch and the MSA Remote for the iPhone.

iPhone Turns Users Into Junkies Seems like some people are becoming quite attached to their iPhones.

Apple Cracking Down on “Cookie Cutter” App Store Applications? Applications that are little more than web apps may face more scrutiny when submitted to the App Store.

Three Lessons from the Chipotle iPhone App How centralization, a defined use case, and a uniform menu shaped Chipotle’s iPhone app.

iPhone and Android Users by US State and Gender An interesting break down of iPhone and Android demographic data.

Gloriously Detailed Shots of an iPad Game It’s great to see that former iPhone favorite “Zen Bound” is coming to the iPad.

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